Saturday, 24 February 2018

Guerlain Encens Mythique D` Orient Perfume Review

In 2012 Guerlain came up with their spell bounding Desert collection. Exclusively destined for the UAE it has now expanded its distribution into their Paris flagship store.       
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The collection consists of three fragrances inspired by Arabic perfumery, but I'm glad to say one cannot miss out the very French element in these perfumes hence making them a beautiful fusion between the Eat and the West.
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These three magical concoctions are called. Rose Nacree Du Desert, Encens Mythique D' Orient and Songe D' Un Bois D' Ete'. 


Even though all three are works of art, Encens Mythique was love at first sniff. The sensory experience was a first for me. I finally know what real ambergris smells like.
The notes consists of neroli, moss, incense, saffron, Persian rose, Ambergris mixed into the blend are also aldehydes and patchouli, which gives this perfume a distinct French character thus saving it from becoming another one of those Arabic, oriental inspired perfumes that are all the rage these days. 
 It opens with a blast of  sweet powdery smokiness with a hint of woody notes and then melts together into something soft and inviting with a strong salty ambergris mixed in with saffron. 
It's like walking in a desert with it's earthy sweet scent, and from faraway you can catch whiffs of salty air, so you know you are not too far away from the sea.
The longevity and sillage are outstanding. A precious gem of a perfume to be used on occasions when you want to stand out from the crowd of sweet fruity gourmands.
TOP NOTES: Persian Rose, Aldehydes, Saffron
MIDDLE NOTES: Pink Pepper, Moss, Patchouli
BASE NOTES: Woody Notes, Incense, Ambergris                 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Thierry Muglar Angel Muse Perfume Review

Let me begin by saying that I'm not a huge fan of the original angel at all. But I'm so happy about the way the perfumer Qentin Bich created this magical perfume. It has that ANGEL DNA in th background but enough oomph to stand up on it's own as a new fragrance. I won't describe this as a flanker at all.

After around 13 angel flankers came, Angel Muse. I have never smelled anything remotely similar to this before. Love, love the bottle. It is described to be shaped like a cosmic pebble. The juice is a warm amber colour.
 Muse is very different from you regular run of the mill gourmands. Hazelnut is the main accord mixed in with a bitter cocoa cream.  The patchouli in it is very subtle. I do not detect any citrus that's states in the opening notes. Not a hint of grapefruit. The vetiver makes it earthy and unique. I'm surprised at how much I love this even though it contains patchouli which I cant stand. The silage is a powerhouse as expected from all the Muglars, and the longevity is 12 plus hours on me.
Creamy hazulnutty swirls without being overly sweet or cloying. A beautiful Fall/Winter fragrance.

TOP NOTES: Grapefruit, Pink peppers
MID NOTES: Hazulnut cocoa cream
BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Patchouli

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pandora`s Box: Black Opium perfume review

Pandora`s Box: Black Opium perfume review: Fans of the original Opium will be disappointed with this latest addition. It has no DNA of the previous one. So keep in mind that it is by...

Black Opium perfume review

Fans of the original Opium will be disappointed with this latest addition. It has no DNA of the previous one. So keep in mind that it is by no means a flanker but a whole new scent.
I came across this one in my search for the perfect coffee scent as black opium was rumoured to be a strong coffee perfume. I have finished more than half the bottle but I still couldn't detect a coffee note. What I do get is a warm vanilla enveloped in a hint of patchouli and a light jasmine.
But coffee lovers do not despair. When my friend wore it, it smelled heavenly. Like a fluffy frothy cappuccino. so depends on body chemistry.
This is definitely a fall/winter scent. Im just disappointed that the coffee note didn't show up on my skin. Its a beautiful warm fragrance and reminds me of a few others like `la vista `belle and Bath and bodyworks cashmere glow.

 I do like the bottle. Its very edgy with a thick glass moulding.
All you lovers of gourmands, sweet, warm fragrances this bottle holds a treat for you.
So lets dream of cozy fall nights and crackling fireplaces.
Top Notes: pink pepper, orange blossom, pear
Middle Notes: coffee, Jasmine, bitter orange, Licorice
Base Notes: Vanilla, patchouli, cedar, cashmere wood
MOOD: Date night. casual cafes winter, fall.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Review

With un jardin sur le toit, Hermes celebrates it's deep connection with contemporary craftsmanship and invites us to discover its garden, a little slice of nature and poetry, shaped by man's hand. Secret, hidden in the heart of the city, it stands at the top of the historical 24, faubourg building in Paris. A hanging garden, which surprises and fascinates.
Wild grasses, an apple tree, a magnolia... A perfume of light and delight is born and offers a feast for the senses and the mind. 
Hermes launches the new fourth fragrance from the collection of garden-inspired fragrances Un Jardin, named Un Jardin Sur Le Toit or “A Garden on the Roof” in 2011. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit refers to the especially luxurious garden located on the Hermes’ headquarters building roof at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris.
 The garden is full of aromatic herbs, flowers and fruits whose flavors vary as they pass through the metamorphosis induced by the seasons. Its fresh and sweet-smelling atmosphere is captured by apple, pear, rose, green grass, basil, magnolia and compost notes.

The composition is designed by Jean-Claude Ellena.
Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is available in heavy glass bottles of light green shades as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. (source)
Sur le toit is the last fragrance of the Jardin series (as of 2013)
A lot of reviewers complain that there is no depth to this scent and is deemed not as outstanding as the others in this collection. I like to think otherwise.
I think this is a coming home scent for Ellena. After  his quest to Egypt, India and the med, where he created magic and captured the scents and moods of the landscapes to perfection, he came home and created a carefree scent he could relate to. Use the flora and fauna he grew up with. Nostalgia at its best. So he chose  the rooftop garden of the Paris Hermes boutique as his inspiration and composed this clean uncomplicated fragrance.A simple finale to his exotic travels. 
Moving on to the fragrance, Sur le toit smells like a beautiful bright summers day. Grasses and reeds sway gently in the breeze. And the air is fragranced with roses and magnolias mixed in with the scent of apples and pears from the nearby trees. The basil lends a mild herby kick in the opening. Its a tame fruity floral and has an outdoorsy quality to it. A grassy rosy apple. Sur le toit is an uplifting fragrance with a carefree exuberance.
Notes: Apple, Basil, Grass, Pear, Magnolia, Rose
Good For: Summer/ Spring
Mood: Casual

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson

Hermes celebrates India and sees it in an unusual light with the creation of Un Jardin Apres la Mousson ( a garden after the monsoon)
This fragrance carries us to Kerala after the monsoon rains, offering the experience of a singular moment in time, marked by nature's rebirth.
Glowing and serene, invogating and soothing, Un jardin apres ala mousson blends the freshness of ginger and the sweetness of the butterfly-delicate kahili ginger flower with the spontaneity of cold spices and the subtlety of vetiver.
Un Jardin après la Mousson: created in 2008, it explores the facets of an unexpected India, when the monsoon restores to the earth what the sun has taken, chasing away the burning breath of drought. Ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper and vetiver speak of the rebirth of nature captured in Kerala, a universe engorged with water. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena. (source)

The first thing that comes to my mind at the mention of Kerala India, is coconuts.When I first read that Ellena's latest Jardin was inspired by Kerala, I was definitely anticipating a coconut in the composition. But I'm glad Ellena thought otherwise, and concentrated on something else Kerala is famous for. No, not it's delicious coffee this time, but Spices!
Cardamom Mostly.
As opposed to cinnamon,which has a hot and fiery quality to it, and is used mostly in colder months. Here in South East Asia, cardamom is considered a neutral spice, enjoyed in all weathers. It is used in halvas and kehvas in cold winters as well as in thirst quenching chilled sherbets and creamy cold kulfis in summers.
I think Apres ala mousson is as much about cardamom as Un Jardin En Mediterranee  is about the fig.
 Cardamom blooms the most prominant in the opening and lends a cold musky scent. It is all I can smell when sniffed directly from the bottle. It then mellows down to a translucent spicy, citrusy, woody fresh scent which is a signature of all the fragrances in the Jardin series. I think Mousson is a very unconventional scent. Spicy, woody yet watery and fresh. It is inspired by the scent of rich vegetation and aromatic soil. Wet and fragrant after the heavy monsoon rains.  The fresh ginger is zesty and very refreshing and stops the fragrance from being too rich and spicy.
 The image that comes to mind is of sitting in a verandah in the middle of a lush spice plantation in Kerala, enjoying the monsoon rains. The rain is heavy, yet still, without the distraction of thunder. 


Amidst the spices mentioned in the notes, Ellena’s minimalistic style makes it delicate, refreshing and a pleasure to wear on a hot humid summers day. An odd yet intriguing fragrance.

Notes: Cardamom, Corriander, Pepper, Ginger, Ginger Flower, Vetiver
Good for: Spring, Summer
Mood: Casual
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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee Review

Hermes Parfums are celebrating the Mediterranean, that mosaic of different crafts and cultures, with the creation of an Eau de Toilette: Un Jardin en Mediterranee. This fragrance is an emotional journey, an olfactory progress, an impressionistic evocation of a garden beside the sea. It is a perfume of light and of shade where fig tree, mastic tree and red cedar blend with bergamot, orange blossom and white oleander.
 Un Jardin en Méditerranée: conceived as a watercolor  this perfume, composed in 2003 is inspired by a hint of the poetic in the Tunisian garden of Leïla Menchari (Director of displays for Hermès).  The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena.
Leila Menchari's garden in Hammamet Tunisia

It smells beautiful. Of trees and summers and sea! It's like taking a walk through an aromatic Mediterranean garden right beside the  azure blue waters of the Sea. The garden has some cool shady spots nestled under the ancient fig trees with their deep green fragrant leaves.The air in the garden is still, thick and humid  with the scents synonymous with this region. Cyprus,  red cedar, aromatic herbs, figs,  orange blossoms. Mesmerizing.  

It is more of a mood than a fragrance. Opens up very fresh with hints of citrus  and  figs. You must like figs to truly appreciate this scent as it dominates all the other notes right from the start. The fig note in it is not cloyingly sweet, but has a perfect balance between the sweetness of the big purple fruit, the dry bark and deep, balmy leaves, which makes it a perfect unisex fragrance.  The heart is aromatic, with cedar, figs and orange blossom mixed in with a tinge of salty sea spray.  After 8+ hours I can still smell the end notes of musk and woods. Thank you Mr. Ellena for taking me along on this magical olfactory journey. Loved every minute of it. A poetic sublime scent. 
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes: orange blossom and white nerium oleander
Base Notes: cypress, fig leaf, musk, red cedar, juniper and pistachio
Good For: Spring, Mild summers
Mood: Casual

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