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J LO Sunkissed And Miami Glow Perfume Review

So today I`m reviewing two of my favorite glows from Jennifer Lopez`s line of glow perfumes i.e. miami glow, and sunkissed glow. She came out with the original JLO GLOW perfume a few years back and then followed with these two flankers. There is also  L.A glow, My glow, Glow after dark and the latest is Blue glow.(wew!)
L. Miami Glow, R. Sunkissed Glow
All the glow bottles are curved and comes with some kind of charm on them. These are both summery beachy scents perfect for taking along with you on a holiday.
Miami Glow
Jennifer Lopez said at the launch of this perfume that beside her home town, New York, Miami is her favorite city in the world. This is a really cute bottle and was a gift. The charm is a colorful thread bracelet with adorable gold flip flops. Very cute.At spraying you get a strong scent of coconut and passion fruit with hints of refreshing grapefruit. The coconut in this is subtle, but stays true till the end.It has an exotic feel to it. Very tropical and might I say it again, beachy.Somehow it evokes the image of lying on the beach on a hammock with an icy cold pina colada and waves lapping gently. Its coconuty and yummy for summertime.Sadly this has been discontinued, but you can still find it on ebay at ridiculous prices. Mine was a gift. 

Top notes: passion-fruit, coconut, grapefruit
Middle Notes: Cyclamen, heliotrope, orange blossom
Base notes: Amber, musk, vanilla

Sunkissed glow comes in a falcon with beautiful colors mimicking sunset on the beach. This too is a summery tropical scent and very similar to Miami glow. Except this one is fruitier with a pineapple note instead of coconut and the drydown is very nice. Sandalwood and sand accord. Imagine how they must have captured the scent of hot sand on the beach. Perfumers are very creative people. Its like pineapple, golden dunes of hot sand and a fruity cocktail with a colorful paper umbrella in it. Wrapped around the neck of the bottle is a pretty shell pendant. This too was a gift I think this may retail for Rs.3 to 4 thousand.

Good For: Summers. You will like these if you like sweet fruity tropical scents like summer escada limited editions.

Category: Fruity Floral

Perfume Notes:
Top Notes: Lily, passionflower, pineapple
Middle Notes: orange blossom, grapefruit
Base Notes: Hot sand accord, sandalwood, amber and musk.

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My Favourite Lush Shower Gels

I have a confession to make. I am a big lushhead. It`s embarrassing just how obsessed I am with this brand. I love everything about `em. I`m a sucker for their non-waste packaging, their quirky marketing and of course their (not all) natural hand made products. It also amazes me how a husband and wife team ( Mark and Mo. Even their names match) opened up a little shop in 95 in UK and came this far.Their aim was to make safe, 100% vegetarian, environmentally friendly products with as little chemicals as possible. they are famous world wide  now,with more than 600 stores in 43 countries. Sadly Pakistan even though has plenty of body shops, Lush has not been launched here.
        Today I will be reviewing my three most favorite shower gels from them i.e. Glogg,the olive branch and snow fairy.
This is my big 500gm of much loved (and used) bottle. Glogg is basically Christmas spices in a bottle. Its based on a mulled wine drink served at Christmas in Nordic countries called Glogg. Lush came out with this on Christmas as part of their holiday line.It only comes out once a year. It`s rich ,warming ,spicy aroma is perfect for a hot shower in winters to melt the chills away. It mostly smells of cinnamon and cloves, and lathers very well. It says on the label that it can be used on hair and body and I have tried both. Leaves hair very shiny, if a little oily but that`s ok as its super moisturizing and made to use in harsh cold winters. But beware, the cinnamon in this is sugar free and not sweet at all. If you are expecting sweet vanilla laden cinnamon like in apple pies and regular cinnamon scented products, you will be dissapointed as the cinnamon in it has a bite to it. It is straight up cinnamon,strong, even a bit bitter like we find the cinnamon sticks in sabat garam masala. So its really spicy filled up with holiday scents.

This is my small bottle (100gm) of much hyped about snow fairy. This too only comes out once a year during Christmas. Its bubblegum pink and has shimmer in it and can be used on body and hair (the shimmer thankfully doesnt stick to your body or hair). It says on the label:'' Candyfloss pink and sweet as sugar. With iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitiness''. I`m sorry for bad picture quality, this is actually a very pretty pink color. I found it ok. I mean I don't hate it or anything but was a bit too sweet  and reminded me of the body shop`s banana shampoo somehow :) Lathers well and lingers on the skin for hours. Perfect for girly girls and will make your bathroom smell yummy. Snow fairy is the perfect name for it. Sparkly, pink and festive.

This by far is my favorite of the lot. Aaahhhh! Bliss. This is a 250gm bottle and it is divine. I can go on and on about my love for this product and thankfully its part of their regular line so is available all year round. O Olive branch how can I even begin to praise thee? !:) The label says "Reassuring shower gel to hold you in its arms and keep you safe. With vine leaves and fresh mandarin juice, Sicilian olives and bergamot". This is lovely to use in hot summers and has lashings of Mediterranean scents in it. The scent is unisex so can be used by men as well. It is quite runny but lathers pretty well. The scent grew on me the more I use it. I`m so addicted that I got a solid perfume in the same scent too and find myself taking 2 or 3 showers some days just to get my fix. It`s like wandering in the vineyards in Italy or Greece with a light summer breeze scented with bergamot and mandarin mixed in with saltiness of the sea ruffling your hair. Sorry....I drifted off for a while there:) couldn't help it.Love it.

I love how lush puts a sticker on the back of all their products with a picture and name of whoever made it with an expiry date.
    Fingers crossed they will soon open up a store here as well.

Monday, 27 June 2011

VS Beauty Rush Double Body Mist Review

Hellooo ladyz! The monsoon season has officially started in my part of the world. As much as I love summer rains snd monsoon, they do come at a price. It gets extremely humid and everything turns soggy and sticky. The perfumes you love turn cloyingly sweet on the skin, induces headaches and make people around you turn blue in the face from trying to hold their breath when around you. So puhleez laydeez, lets go easy on the spray factor. I usually stop wearing perfumes and go for body mists. They are lighter and not so harsh in this heat and humidity. The beauty rush line is available at Shams in Islamabad for Rs.1400 for a big 250ml bottle. Mine were gifts from abroad and retails for $12. I`m in loove with Victoria`s secret beauty rush and Pink line of body mists. I have three in, Appletini, slice of heaven and candy baby scents. Here`s my review.
                                   After shaking it up it turns a nice fresh green color

The thing with body double mist is that you have to shake it  for it to mix and then apply. As you can see in the first picture, they have two layers, one of fragrance, and the other of skin conditioners. So if you`re in a hurry, it  moisturizes and scents the skin in one go. The green one is called Appletini and is a crisp apple scent. Very refreshing.
            This one is called Slice of heaven (cute name) and is very sweet. Its like cupcakes and caramel. The only downside of this one is, it gives me  a bad craving  and I want to pull up in front of a bakery and indulge :)
                                         Look how pretty the shimmer is
        The last one is not technically a body double mist, but, a body shimmer mist, and comes in the scent candy baby. This scent is straight up candy floss. If you love the smell of candy floss at fairs and carnivals, this is exactly like that. It wont make your skin ridiculously sparkly but will add only a hint of shimmer.
   I hope you enjoyed reading this review, if there are any questions I would be glad to answer.
   Have a lovely day.

VS Dream Angels Heavnly Perfume Review

Dream Angels Heavenly is a very American perfume: clean and clear, with a thin bouquet which smells like clean and warm skin of a woman. It was created in 1999 and flattered by many critics (FiFi 2000).(source

        On the left is eau de Perfume 125ml which I bought from Shams in Islamabad for Rs.3400
           The smaller bottle is a body mist called angel mist 75ml which is around $15 and was a gift

CATEGORY: Oriental Floral
 Dream angels Heavenly is a Lovely Oriental, with cardamom playing the leading role on my skin. A little too sweet for the summers, its a perfect fall/winter scent. The bottle is very sleek and modern in design mimicking the curves of a woman`s body, and has accents of gold. A warm, powdery, sexy skin scent. Makes me want to check my shoulders for growing spurts of wings. Heavenly indeed.
Miranda Kerr, one of the Victoria’s Secret angels,is the face of the fragrance Heavenly enchanted. 

    Victoria`s secret perfumes can be found at any good perfume retailer, but the body mists are hard to find. I feel I prefer the body mist over the perfume as it`s less sweeter and more powdery.

I would also like to explain to people who are new to perfumes that top notes are what you smell the minute you spray on the perfume. Top notes stay with you for 5 to 10 minutes in most cases. Middle notes tend to stay for more than an hour or two, sometimes more, depending on the ingredients used. The base notes are which lingers the longest on your skin, and you can smell them as the perfume fades away.
Perfume notes:-
  Top notes: Quince, cardamom, Ivy and Mandarin orange
  Middle notes:Lotus, peony, Iris, violet, freesia 
  Base notes: Orchid, vanilla and musk
 GOOD FOR: Cold weather, casual day or night.

Heidi Klum, Victoria's Secret 's most famouse VS angel
  You can see more of the famous VS angels HERE

Heavenly Bloom
Heavenly Enchanted
Heavenly Flowers
Heavenly Stardust
Heavenly Summer
Heavenly Kiss

Heavenly Temptation

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Review

The perfume Viva la Juicy was presented as a gourmet floral fragrance, which opens with notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin. The heart encompasses a floral blend of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, while the base notes await us with a gourmet rhapsody of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines.
The perfume arrives in a typical Juicy Couture bottle with a charming ribbon of fuchsia colour, as 50 and 100 ml EDP, as well as roll on edition in the amount of 7,5 ml EDP, appropriate for your purse.
Besides the perfume, the collection includes 200 ml rich, luxurious body cream, 250 ml bath and 250 ml body lotion. Viva la Juicy was launched in 2008. Source

Viva La Juicy is the second perfume that juicy couture came out with. To me, it`s a true gourmand. This is a very tasty fragrance ladies. Dominating notes to my nose are, juicy blackcurrants, mandrain orange and nutty praline.Its very cheerful and easy to wear. The bottle comes adorned with a hot pink ribbon and golden juicy couture charms. Isn`t this bottle the cutest!! I just love  bows. The juice inside is as playful and sweet as the bottle.


Top Notes: Black currant, Mandarin orange 
Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, Gardenia, jasmine
Base notes: Amber, sandalwood, praline, caramel and vanilla

 I would also like to explain to people who are new to perfumes that top notes are what you smell the minute you spray on the perfume. Top notes stay with you for 5 to 10 minutes in most cases. Middle notes tend to stay for more than an hour or two, sometimes more, depending on the ingredients used. The base notes are which lingers the longest on your skin, and you can smell them as the perfume fades away.

Good For: Spring and summer daytime. People who like sweet gourmands would love this.

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Juicy Couture Juicy Couture Perfume Review

My 100ml botttle is from MEDIPLUS Islamabad for $78
Oh how I love Juicy couture. I know. I know, their tacky candy colored overpriced track suits aside, they make cute stuff. And their perfumes are very very nice (to my nose anyway) I got my bottle of their very first perfume release last year. I had a love hate relationship with it for quite a while. It was love at first sight when I saw the gorgeous bottle. Very old school, and comes with a bracelet with charms and I loved it at first sniff. It was summertime when I bought it and very hot and humid. When I put it on for the first time, I liked the opening, but then the scent became too thick, laden with a very strong tuberose note. It was all tuberose for me from the beginning till the end, and I hated it, and got bored with the stuffy old lady smell. I had lost all hopes for it, when in the winters, I gave it another try. OMG! IT WAS GREAT.I could actually smell other notes that everyone kept talking about. The caramel/creme brulee came out the loudest and I could almost taste the burnt/bitter sugar on top of creme brulee. Love it.Very cozy for the winters. Just dont touch it if you live in very hot humid climes. Lasts up to 12 hours on my skin.    


CATEGORY: Fruity Floral
Perfume notes:-
TOP NOTES: Passion fruit, watermelon, green apple, hyacinth, Mandarin Orange
MIDDLE NOTES: Tuberose, Lily, Rose hip
BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Vanilla, precious woods and caramel, creme brulee
This was awarded FIFI fragrance of the year 2006
  I would also like to explain to people who are new to perfumes that top notes are what you smell the minute you spray on the perfume. Top notes stay with you for 5 to 10 minutes in most cases. Middle notes tend to stay for more than an hour or two, sometimes more, depending on the ingredients used. The base notes are which lingers the longest on your skin, and you can smell them as the perfume fades away.
GOOD FOR: Winters and people who like heavy white florals/gourmands.

Some Images from Google
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