Thursday, 25 August 2011

Light Blue

Today I want to review a VERY popular summer perfume that has been around for quite a while now and is loved and hated with a passion. Here's a riddle. What's blue and fuzzy on the outside and smells like a cold glass of lemonade?
google image
Launched in 2001, light blue (for women) perfume by D&G is a casual  breezy sparkling floral citrus scent that evokes the spirit of Sicilian summers. 

D&G describes this as a refreshing scent with mouthwatering notes of lemon, lime, apple, bluebells, cedar, calming bamboo and rose that evokes the image of South woods on the seashore making it the perfect blend for a hot summer day.
My 3.4 OZ bottle given by my mother :)
A lot of people dislike this simply because it's very popular and come summer time, they can smell it around every corner. I find it quite unique and not that famous where I live. I'm sure if there was a poll, the most popular summer perfume here would be the  dreaded done to death cool waters by Davidoff.
Lets talk about the packaging first, cuz I find perfume bottles play a big role in the whole presentation of the scent.This one is a no no for me. It looks cheap and very 80's with an ugly blue plastic cap. Even though the bottle is frosty and reminds you of a cold refreshing drink, they could have done better with the cap and the mirror like band around the bottle.I do love the box though. It's fuzzy and velvet like, the color of the Mediterranean sea. Light blue is the genius of Oliver Cresp do check out his name link to see other master pieces he created. His versatility is amazing.
Coming down to the scent, light blue to my nose is a very energizing, happy scent. It opens up with the refreshing zingy lemon notes, pleasently sharp maybe because of the cedar. After it has had time to warm up on the skin the floral notes come into play. But very subtly. I find a delicious watery humid note mixed in with a whisper of rose. Maybe it's the bamboo that gives it that humid quality. I do not get jasmine, if it's there it's very sheer. I sprayed my self with it in the morning and now its late evening and I'm enjoying the delicious woody drydown.
 It is my dream to go to Sicily. I find everything I have imagined trapped inside this bottle. It evokes images of clear blue skies,sparkling Mediterranean sea, chilled bottles of homemade limoncillo,Scary twisted road to Positano, delicious Sicilian seafood, Branches of trees laden with huge scented lemons, the smells, the sounds  (sigh) Until then, I must live my dream through this beautiful scent that has captured the perfect Sicilian summer in a bottle.

Image courtesy google
Category: Fruity Floral

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon, Apple, bluebells, Cedar
Middle Notes: White Rose, Bamboo, Jasmine
Base Notes: Amber, Musk and Cedar

Good for: Summers, Casual, Daytime.
Light blue for women is available for $87 from Sephora.
If you find it a bit pricey a bit similar perfume made by the same perfumer i.e. Oliver Cresp is: I Love Love by Moschino. I also found Funny by Moschino quite similar.
POSITANO oil on canvas 


Miss Starshiny said...

this parfume smells very nice!

ZatZ said...

this is my fav perfume :-D

and see my review! its fun to compare :-D

Pandora`s Box said...

@miss starshiny: Yes it's very refreshing :)

@ZatZ great review. I left a comment :)

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this before, but I've never tied it. You always have such good descriptions, I can practically smell it! lol ^.^

Pandora`s Box said...

@Arriana You must give it a sniff next time you are at a perfume counter. You would like it if you're into fresh citrussy clean scents.

Anonymous said...

I really like the sound of this, but do agree..the packaging does look a bit crap. Great review!

Alice x

nayabloves said...

I tried this the other day at a perfume counter and I absolutely hated the citrus-y smell, but by the time I went home I couldn't help but smell myself again and again because within 10-15 minutes the scent had developed into something very different and not citrus-y at all! I love the scent after it has had some time to develop. Would you know of a perfume which has a scent like this one but without the citrus-y notes in it? Thanks alot!

Su said...

I have not tried this one but sounds perfect for summer. I generally steer clear of citrus but do like it occasionally, when I can't wear my heavy ones in the heat!
Welcome back, missed you <3

Shang J. said...

Again an AWESOME review. I was also wondering looking at the first picture that D&G's bottle looks pretty common.

Pandora`s Box said...

@pretty wonderful I agree

@nayabloves yes the middle notes literally blooms on the skin and the perfume changes beautifully. You should try Victorias secret pink with a splash body mist in fresh and clean. Available from Shams in Super market.It is quite similar to the middle notes that you love without being citrusy.

@Su Thanks hon. I have been kind of lazy with the fasting and all :)

@Shang J. Oh yes! horrid bottle.

Rakhshan said...

light blue is a personal favourite of mine for summers!
my blog:

Viya ;) said...

yuummmm!.. this post literally transported me back to summer season..
I feel sooo refreshed!!.. I wish i could buy this.. but its too expensive for me to afford it.. :(

Flaviana Boni said...

nice post!

Check out my new outfit post!
Dress up for armageddon

Eesh said...

sounds like something i would like, defs need to check it out!

Sara.H said...

sounds great :) would love to try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

i have never tried this but you are right. the packaging doesn't sell.

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Rakhshan Will def check out your blog.

@ Viya I know perfumes should not be this expensive :( especially eau de toilettes.

@Thanks faviana

@Eesh yup it's very uplifting

@Sarah.H Do let us know how you like it.

@Arrow one would expect more in terms of packaging from D&G

Makeup Glitz said...

Nice review :)

Deb said...

hi checking out your blog, thanks for following :)

Eesh said...

actually $87 would be considered cheap over here in OZ, esp. for 100ml/3.4oz. its ridiculous how much they mark up seriously....

Fragancia said...

I'm a big fan of fruity scents. Might try this out :)

The Beautifier said...

Hey! Fantastic review! I must try out the D&G Light Blue! xoxo

Sana said...

I love that perfume <3

Sofie said...

I love it <3

Mouthwash said...

I absolutely love I mean LOVE Light Blue. I have been lusting after it for ages! Love love LOVE it.

Wonderful post!

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes!

Mania said...

such a lovely post, I have this one, you're right it is very popular and I get " Oh are you wearing D&G Light Blue" any time I am wearing it, have a great day hun xoxo

deeps said...

That’s an exotic collection….
Thanks for sharing the info :D


Hi dear, you have an interesting blog, thanks for following mine, i am following you back with Love :)
by the way v both r Aquarius plus from its cool...hmmm

Komz@The Review Girl said...

My last JLo bottle just ended..and I was looking for a good perfume..Dolce and Gabbana one fascinates me after your description...but I agree with you on packaging, not cute.
Thanks for great review! x
Thanks for entering my birthday giveaway!:)

Glamarama said...

This one is always always on Sephora's best sellers list. I've smelt it once and I wasn't sure if i liked it enough to buy it though. That was a long time ago and your review has changed my mind a little.

You're right about the bottle it could have been prettier.

lol i share the same sentiments about cool water. hahaha can't stand it now:P

Venus In Virgo said...

I have photos of my mother's Lemon Liquors she bought back from Italy that I was going to post on my foodie blog. I keep forgetting. I love them! XOXO

Anonymous said...

i love light blue, i own it myself, nice blog!


Shazia Khaleel said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeee this perfume:)!!!! i cud drink it:D, its my second favourite after nina by nina ricci!! i find dkny to go very similar to this and im sure its not as expensive!
p.s- u r really pretty shaz:), i tried to look close into ur display picture which u,v edited:)
stay in touch xx

trisna_zeze said...

I have tried this perfume and I really love it. Although the bottle design isn't interesting but the smell is really good.
I think this Light Blue is good for teenage girls :D

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