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Miss Dior Cherie

I'm sitting outside in a cafe in Paris. I order a bowl of wild tart strawberries sweetened by a hint of caramel sauce. There is a vase of roses and violets on the red and white hounds-tooth print tablecloth. Its a sunny day in Paris and I'm wearing red cherry lipstick and a big silver bow in my hair. All is right with the world because I'm young, impulsive and beautiful. Oh! My name? Miss Dior Cherie.
love the hounds tooth etching on the bottom of the bottle

Dior introduced a new and charming girl, Miss Dior Cherie. Face of the perfume is Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's oldest granddaughter, and the bottle resembles the one of Miss Dior of 1947. This fragrance, although it features the same basic components like its famous predecessor, is not at all a remake of Miss Dior. Sweet and gourmand notes of pop corns in the heart, so unusual, make this perfume appealing to youngsters. Miss Dior Cherie is young and romantic, she possesses good taste and style, she looks smart, but youth is youth, and this young lady looks pretty with a pop corn bag in hands. The top notes are wild strawberry leaves and green tangerine. The heart features caramel pop corns surrounded by violets, wild strawberry, so strong and seductive and pink jasmine. The base is created of fresh patchouli leaves and crystalline musk.
Miss Dior Cherie was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel. source
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Aaah Paris!! The city of lovers, perfumes and fragrances. A trip exploring and sampling all the great perfume houses and fragrant treasures of this city is every perfumista`s dream. The house of Dior came out with Miss Dior Cherie hoping to target the younger market of perfume buyers. But I think this scent  can be worn by all. Age no bar. This perfume is an ode to the fun, playful side of Paris. The playfulness and essence of the scent is captured perfectly by Sofia Coppola who directed the the commercial for this little gem where she shows the model enjoying a beautiful day in Paris. Indulging in French pastries, walking down it`s streets and just having fun. It has to be one of my favorite Perfume ads.

Perfume Notes:
Top Notes: Wild strawberry, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, Cherries.
Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Caramel popcorn.
Base Notes: Musk, Amber and Patchouli.
Catagory: Fruity Chypre

It`s quite a lovely perfume. And the bottle is adorable. The scent is Sweet, flirty, festive yet sensual and complex. Opens up very fruity with a hint of pineapple. The top notes last for only a minute or so on my skin. I  can see you roll your eyes at the popcorn note, but the buttery richness tones down the tartness of strawberries beautifully. The strawberry note is the strongest and lasted the longest on me. The strawberry was not candy like or sweet at all, but rather tart and  green. The caramel sweetens this scent a lot. I don't get any rose on my skin and just a hint of powdery violets.The patchouli is not the strong earthy kind but very soft and subtle only added to add a little depth to the fragrance. This lasts on my skin for 12+ hours and is available for Rs.12000 ( yikes!!) for 3.4 ounces but it is from the house of Dior and will last you for years and years as very little is needed.
Good For: Spring and early days of summer as it is quite heady and sweet. People who like sweet floral chypre fragrances.
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Now the bad news: I don't know why, but it was discontinued and was replaced by a new version in 2011. The new one, even though looks the same, smells entirely different and was created by a different perfumer. Dior has lost a lot of it`s fans for this perfume by this replacement. I think when they changed the composition, they should have changed the name to prevent confusion. I`m not saying the new one is bad, but it`s not as fun as the old one. It has lost it`s playfulness and the caramel popcorn note, and is not as bright and cheerful. But rather elegant and sophisticated. So make sure if you want to buy this to ask for the 2005 version rather than the 2011 one.
Dior came up with 5 flankers of the original Miss dior cherie.

The one on the left is truly beautiful. It`s called Miss Dior Cherie L 'Eau and is a beautiful floral citrus.

The eau de toilette...
Here is the Eau De Toilette version of the same perfume (image source google)

What is a Chypre  scent?
The term chypre is French for Cyprus, and goes back to François Coty who created in 1917 a perfume of the same name from fragrance materials that came predominantly from Mediterranean countries. The chypre concept is characterised by the contrast between the fresh citrus accord and the woody-oak-moss fond; often patchouli is considered an indispensable element as well. The chypre accord is used in both male and female perfumery. Modern chypre perfumes have various connotations such as floral, fruity, green, woody-aromatic, leathery, and animalic notes, but can easily be recognized by their "warm" and "mossy-woody" fond which contrasts the fresh citrus top, and a certain bitterness in the dry-down. (source Wikipedia)

To pronounce Chypre, click HERE

And on a closing note I want to add; that please ladies, whatever you do DO NOT store your perfumes in the bathroom cabinets or shelves. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do to your fragrances as the heat and the dampness makes the perfumes go bad before their time. The best place to store them is somewhere dark and dry, like your closet or vanity table drawers and preferably in the packaging the bottle came in.


Su said...

Thanks for painting a great picture of Paris to go with the perfume :)
I haven't smelt the new version. I only have a miniature of 2005 one. Very lucky, you own a bottle of the old formulation. I know you will cherish every drop :)

Asma Khan said...

Beautiful post, fragrance all around :)

Rakhshanda said...

Looks great!!!!

Michelle said...

Am I being controversial in sighing in relief with the news the old version of this perfume has been replaced? It gave me headaches. d:

Pandora`s Box said...

@Su I sure will :)

@Asma Khan thank you

@Rakhshanda glad you liked it

@Michelle not at all. Everybody has their favorites. but u must know my perfumes are my babies and you just said my child gives you a headache :P lol kidding

Shang J. said...

Great beginning :P I love the way you write your posts, so detailed. This one, even had the pronunciation. Hah!
The bottles are so elegant. ♥

Marina said...

I can feel the smell :)

Meredith Jessica said...

I agree with Shang, the beginning of this post was so well put together and so nicely written. Sounds like a lovely perfume, you really sold it.

Mania said...

I had the original scent kinda strong for me so i gave it away, but I love the light version ones and will get Miss Dior Cherie L 'Eau soon , they are so light, very lovely post btw :)

sahar awan said...

love your detailed posts... though i have not used the fragrance but i can feel around me after reading ur post ^.^

Pandora`s Box said...

@ shang J lol I get carried away.

@Marina :)

@ Meredith Jessica Awww! Thanks.

@ Mania I have my eye on L 'Eau too. Its so refreshing. But I`m on a perfume diet right now :)

@Sahar Awan Thank you hon. Means a lot.

Anonymous said...

I've never smelled that before, but it seems like it's a good one. & I love your introduction! ^.^

anamika said...

hey !!first time on your blog..i have not seen this kind of passionate writing on perfumes..:)

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Arriana Thank you girl I thought it was a lil corny :)

@anamika perfumes are my passion and your comment made my day :) Thank you soo much.

ZatZ said...

i hv never tried this perfume but it sounds so lovely :) will keep my eyes open wide :) anyways how abt storing perfumes on the dresser?

Pandora`s Box said...

@ZatZ on the dresser is fine as long as it`s out of direct sunlight.

Divya said...

You love fragrance and your blog tells it in a lovely way :)..

Mishi said...

hahaha I loved the first paragraph!

seems to be a nice perfume! I cant say i will try that n all as em unemployed these days bt some day may be I will!;-)

Flaviana Boni said...

love this post!

Dress up for armageddon

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Mishi I would gladly send you a sample of this perfume but they don`t allow liquids :(

@Faviana Boni Grazie :)

Sara.H said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. this sounds GREAT :) <3

Marie Duplessis said...

my fragrance!!!!! i'm following you..

Sofie said...

thanks so much sweety :D
I follow back <3
Hope to see you soon!

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

Miss Dior Chérie is a great fragrance indeed. Great posting!
Thank you for stopping by at My Bathroom Is My Castle; sometimes I write bilingual German/English, so have a closer look soon.
You also have an interesting blog!

XOXO Britta

Evil Nelly said...

your write up for this post is truly felt like being in Paris..
this is one of my all time favorite perfumes, i always have a bottle of this on me wherever i am :)
i had no idea that it had popcorn notes nor the fact that it cost almost 12 grand..

oh, on a lil side note.. the lil cute bow ring is detachable.. it came off on my older bottles and i have been collecting them :)


Francesca Felix said...

anything by dior is OK by me :) love this smell

Maria said...

I have never tried a Dior perfume but I love the advertising campaign!

Maria xxx

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Sarah H, Marie Duplessis and Sofie: Thank you for stopping by.

@ My bathroom is my caste Love your username and I sure will.

@Evil Nelly: Oh it`s detachable? I thought I broke it during one of my experiments :)

@Francesca Felix: Thanks for stopping by.

@ Maria It is so creative isn't it?

ZatZ said...

Please do check my summer besties! i have tagged you!

menina elegante said...

Fantastic review. :) And thanks for the tip on storing perfumes. :) x

delirium said...

[Reply] Hiya and thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog:) Yea, havent you heard, SIMMERING oil is like the new big thing lol;)

Love your review:) Them posters are so nice, espc the one with the balloons <3

ClassyandFabulous said...

I wish i could smell ur blog

Scarlett O'Hara said...

I have this one! It's nice :)

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