Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dolce and Gabbana L’Impératrice 3 Review

L’Impératrice means The Empress in French, which reminds one of a dark, woody, oriental fragrance fit for a queen. D&G L’Impératrice is the total opposite of this. Playful, clean, fruity but not too sweet, it's the perfect scent to welcome summers.

 I love watermelon and must applause the watermelon note used in this. Mostly watermelon in scents tend to smell excessively sweet and artificial, but here the juiciness and watery freshness of a perfectly ripe,watermelon is captured perfectly.

 L’Impératrice 3 is a  fruity, linear scent on me, with a hint of tart Rhubarb. None of the floral notes make an appearance which is a tad bit disappointing, as I would have loved to experience the blooming of jasmine to give the scent some depth. I'm not complaining though. I'm enjoying this delicious mix of watermelon/kiwi/rhubarb cocktail with a bit of creamy musk in the drydown.
The lasting power is less than average, it is a eau de toilette after all, but I find the heavy, chunky glass bottle hard to carry around in a bag for reapplication. And yes!reapply you must, many, many times throughout the day. That said, D&G L'Imperatrice is indeed a summer fragrance that's easy to wear and inoffensive to most people's noses. 
Category: fruity/floral/aquatic
Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Kiwi , Rhubarb
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Cyclamen, Watermelon
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Lemon Tree
Good for: Spring/summer. Day/casual.
Dolce and Gabanna L’Impératrice 3 is part of their Anthology line, and is available in 300ml EDT for $55 to $80.
So if summertime to you means lazing outdoors with a good book,the sound of water sprinklers, the scent of cut grass, the clinking of ice in a lemonade pitcher, and cold juicy watermelon wedges, then give this fragrance a try.


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