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For the love of Roses

Today I want to share with you a delicate rose scent by Issey Miyake.
love the milky white bottle

Especially for the spring 2007, Issey Miyake has created a new limited edition of D'Issey named 'Une goutte sur un Petale' or 'A Dew Drop on a Petal'.
Fresh floral-aquatic fragrance combines the accords of wet grass, hazy freshness of morning air, and abstract floral note.
The composition starts with unusual herbal note united with a very delicate scent of mandarin and lemon. The heart is composed of dewy flowers, just like the name says. Mimosa is dominating, followed by rose and water notes. The base combines woody notes with amber and musk. The fragrance was created by Alberto Morillasin 2007 (source
My OPINION: First of all I love the name (A drop on a petal) sounds so delicate , and evokes images of fresh summer mornings with glistening  dewdrops on flowers. On my skin, while I could detect some citrus and  mimosa in the opening, the dominating note was rose. And it stayed till the end. It`s not a heavy rose but is sparkling and fresh, blended with citruses. It has a tinge of aquatic notes as well but they are not sporty or strong, so the scent  doesn't loose it`s composition and stays floral throughout. It is springtime captured in a bottle. None of the musk,woodsy notes vanilla or amber showed up on my skin. Scents as you know smell different on different people. But I`m not complaining. An easy to wear delicate floral. I don`t think anyone will dislike this as it`s unlikely to offend anyone.

 Perfume category: Floral Aquatic

Perfume Notes 
Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin Oranges, Citruses. 
Middle Notes: Mimosa, Rose.
Base Notes: Amber, vanilla, Musk and woodsy notes.
Best For: Spring and summer and people who like fresh florals.
I have no idea how much it retails for as mine was a gift.

Speaking of rose scents there is another one I would highly reccomend for rose lovers called Stella by Stella McCartney (VENT ALERT)

image source google
This is another lovely rose. Modern yet elegant. I had this and loved it to pieces. Ladyyz I need to vent: A while back on my trip to Iran to visit family the custom officer at Tehran  airport found this bottle, took a long hard look at me and  said eez eet a flask of alcohol? (Alcohol you see is highly prohibited in Iran) Me: No sir, its a bottle of perfume. I weel smell yes? Me: yes yes yes!. And he was wearing these plastic gloves and the bottle slipped from his hands and right there in front of me my baby shattered  into  millions of tiny pieces. A very sad demise. I`m sure their customs checking area smelled divine for weeks. 

 On a happier note I would like to share with you the following article courtesy of :

Festival of Rose and Rose Water

MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011

Compiled By: Firouzeh Mirrazavi
Deputy Editor of Iran Review
Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rose Water is being held in Kashan. Many people from different parts of the country and abroad visit Kashan, the hub of Mohammadi Rose in Iran.
The season for picking rose and preparing rosewater is from early May to mid-June.
In early May, the scent of rose spreads over different areas of Kashan, such as Qamsar Joshqan Qali, Barzak and Niasar.
The ceremony for making rosewater in Kashan attracts many tourists. Every day, some 80,000 people tour various cities of Kashan for this traditional ceremony.
The arrival of tourists in the districts of Kashan has a positive impact on the region’s economy.
Rose water is made from a very sweet smelling kind of rose and is used in various traditional dishes and sweets. It is also used as a perfume among Muslims. Although some modern mechanized factories are constructed, but still a large part of this, let say industry, is done traditionally. And this traditional rose water production which is established at homes or gardens attracts tourists to Kashan. Historical monuments and architecture of Kashan adds to the popularity of this festival too.
The people of Ghamsar collect roses, boil them in special pots and collect their water in beautiful containers. It is a pride for the city that each year, the most sacred place on earth, Kaaba (Mecca), is washed with rose water from Ghamsar.
The ancient city of Ghamsar is like a shining star on the central Iranian desert.
Surrounding mountains encircle it like a ring and protect its rose gardens against the heat of the desert. The environment of this garden city, the shade of trees and sound of flowing water in addition to music of birds and nightingales and fragrance of roses, has created an incredible milieu on the side of the desert.
The garden city of Ghamsar is a patch of Paradise which becomes colorful as the spring begins. Its beauty is doubled when rose water ceremony commences and its hospitable people play host to millions of people who love nature and rose water of Ghamsar.
Mohammadi Rose (Rosa damascene or Damask rose) is among the most important roses in the world and among the most famous plants.
Because of its extraordinary fragrance and diversity, this flower is planted in many parts of the world. The flower has applications in food, medicine and perfume industries.
Production of rosewater in Iran dates back to over 2,500 years. At present, Mohammadi Rose is produced in Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, India, Ukraine, the US, Canada, France, Britain and Japan. The first four countries are pioneers in the production of this flower.
In Iran, Mohammadi Rose grows in the provinces of Fars, Kerman, Isfahan as well as East and West Azarbaijan.
The red rose, or Mohammadi rose, is further divided into seven groups: French red flower, wild rose, tea flower, miniature red flower, Bengalese red flower, and Iranian red flower.
Out of all rose species, the Iranian red flower or Mohammadi flower is unique and most botanists have opined that it has been first planted in Iran and then taken to other countries.
Experts maintain that Ghamsar has been a place for producing flower and rose water since a long time ago. Some believe that under Malekshah the Seljuk, when Miyandeh Mosque of Ghamsar was built, representative of an East Roman officials picked some roses from the slopes of Kouh Asbi mountain near Ghamsar and took them to Damascus (which was called Damask in those times) to be grown. This is why Iranian red flower is sometimes called Damask rose in English.
Although production of plant essences has a long history in Iran, but traditional rose water production machines were used to produce rose water for commercial purposes. Before that, rose water was produced through small distillation equipment for local uses. Anyway, production of rose water has been in vogue since ancient time and has sometimes led to prosperity of copper, glass making and packaging industries. Most of the local product is exported to other parts of the country and, therefore, despite most handicrafts, it has held its ground in contemporary times and has constantly improved in terms of quality and quantity.
Another outcome of that situation was spread of the industry to neighboring villages of Ghamsar and even toother provinces during past decades. The emphasis put on Ghamsar is due to high quality of its rose water which results from natural conditions of the city.
The city has been and still is the main production center for the highest quality rose water as a result of its natural and climatic conditions. According to a study carried out by professors of Tehran University, the essence of Mohammadi flower of Ghamsar and the subsequent rose water has a concentration of 35 mg per 100 ml or 350 ppm, which makes it the finest and highest quality rose water in Iran and even in the world.
Equipment used for extraction of rose water in Ghamsar is nearly traditional and has hardly changed over the years. They include:
1. A copper pot with a capacity of 120-150 liters;
2. A big clay pot, which has not been replaced by the copper pot and is used to cover the pot. A major advantage of clay pot was that it did not burn the fragrance of the flower;
3. A copper pitcher with handle and a capacity of about 30-40 liters which is put in cold water, so that flower streams are turned into liquid;
4. Four wooden canes which are attached to each other to connect the pot to the pitcher; today, they use aluminum pipes instead of those canes;
5. A water pool where liquefaction is done; and
6. Heating equipment under the copper pot which is usually fed by oil or diesel fuel. In the past they used wood and bushes to warm it up.
First the copper pot is put on an oven made from bricks and cement or stones and mud. The heating agent is put below it. Then up to 30 kg of rose petals are poured into the pot and 80 liters of water is added. The pot is then covered and a heavy weight is put over it to control steam pressure. Probable holes and cracks are covered with a mortar made of the remnants of boil flowers and bread dough to prevent loss of steam.
Instead of weight and dough, they use elastic washers, screws and levers. The copper pitcher is put into the water and is kept in place by a ladder, or more recently, by cast iron pipes, so that, it will not rise to the surface of the water. Then canes or aluminum pipes are inserted into the pot, on the one side, and into the pitcher, on the other side and they wrap it in a piece of fabric with a cotton ball, so that, water would not penetrate into the pitcher. Water or any other foreign object will ruin the rose water.
Now, everything is ready. They kindle the oven to boil the pot. At that time, rose water and water steam progress in the pipe as far as the angle. From there, rose water steam continues toward the pitcher and is liquidated due to low temperature of environment. It takes about 4 hours before a pitcher full of rose water (40 liters) is obtained. When they pour the rose water into the bottle, they wait for it to cool down.
Then they rub some oil on the bottle. The waste collected at the bottom of the pot, which is called “bongol”, is used to feed livestock and is also dried to be used as fuel in winter or as fertilizer for gardens.
During the whole process, the flame should be steady and mild. In better words, the longer the distillation period and the steadier the flame, the higher would be quality of the end product. The water poured into the pot should be measured accurately to be proportionate to the weight of flower petals.
Ghamsar is the breeding ground for the finest and the most exquisite Mohammadi flowers and has the best traditions and methods for production of rose water. It is also the first place where industrial production of rose water has begun and there are many workshops in the city which produce rose water.
The first rose water production plant in Iran was established in Ghamsar in 1974-75 after studies were conducted by Bulgarian experts. It was built on the outskirts of Ghamsar (at 15th kilometer of Ghamsar – Kashan road). The second rose water production plant was established at the entrance of Ghamsar city and is called Golriz. The cooperative company of rose water producers of Ghamsar has established a plant at industrial park of Ghamsar in order to solve the problem of pasteurizing traditional rose water, which was the main hurdle on the way of production and sales of rose water. Behin Golab Company of Ghamsar is another example of industrial rose water production plants in the city and more plants will be launched soon.
Due to containing tannin, gallic acid, essence, fatty acids, pigments and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), petals of Mohammadi flower are used not only for production of rose water and essence, but for production of rose petal jam.
Since a long time ago, this plant was used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases including chronic diarrhea, rheumatic pains, blood abnormalities, and sore throat.
The part of the flower, which is used to produce rose water and essence, is petals. Boiled petals of Mohammadi flower are alkaline and constitute a good remedy for stress, flatulence, and abdominal colic. The boiled petals are also used to fight depression and to treat palpitation, insomnia, ordinary and bloody diarrhea, sickness, and inflammation.
In the past, rose water was used in traditional Iranian medicine to treat rheumatic heart disease, to strengthen gastric nerves, and to treat some forms of headache and sickness. ( Source:


Beauty and Bows said...

You gave the BEST description of the fragrance. I'm awful at describing scents! I'm sold - I definitely want to try this.

Kisses, Melanie

Rakhshanda said...

Thanks for sharing all this Pandora <3

Su said...

Wonderful post! Loved reading about roses. Very interesting information on rose water. Thanks for the great read! x

iheartmexoxo said...

wow really great :)

Su said...

Forgot to give you hugs on the broken bottle. You should have sued the security guy! x

Pyari Beauty said...

I really love the bottle. Looks kinda futuristic. Sorry to hear about your broken perfume bottle. I don't really like going through airport security in the Middle East.

But on the bright side at least lots of people got to smell your lovely perfume for a few weeks :) x

Meredith Jessica said...

Wow what an amazing and informative post! Love it! And I have to admit I thought that bottle was a nail dotting tool in the thumbnail. Hah!

Artist by Design said...

wow an awesome post :) love reading your blog. I love the bottle of 'a dew drop on a petal'!!

Mishi said...

your blog is a blessing for me! my KNowldge abt perfume was zero until I joined your blog..thankz for doing this great job for Ignorant People like me!!;p

great read:)

Peach Crush said...

The bottle is so unique! and oh boy do i lurve roses!! thanks for sharing all this girl :)

Evil Nelly said...

wow, you have spent a lot of time on this post!
i just received Issey Miyake's L'Eau D'Issey on my birthday and I was not at all happy with the fragrance :( now i know what to exchange it for :)


Pandora`s Box said...

@ beauty and bows I try my best, these are my own opinions I`m sure an expert would disagree.
@ Rakhshanda You`re welcome sweetie.

@ Su Any compliment coming from you means a lot for a beginner like me.

@ Ihearmexoxo thank you :)

@ Piyari beauty I`m still in mourning lol and yes kind of looks like a spaceship:)

@Meredith Jessica hehehe! yes it does actually.

@ Artist by design thanks hon yes it`s quite modern looking with clean lines.

@ Mishi wow! You are giving me more credit than I deserve :) I`m a novice too. Su above has great knowledge of scents check her blog out.

@ Peach crush more rose scent will be coming up soon hon.

@ Evil Nelly Naah! I just copied and pasted and took one sorry looking pic :) You would like this if you like fresh rose scents. Test first :)

ClassyandFabulous said...

Issey Miyake has some great scents!!

Asma Khan said...

Great effort in sharing the detailed info :)
Nice blog, glad to find you....

Sara.H said...

You have described the scent so well that I can imagine how those would actually smell like :) great review :)

SaMia said...

Really insightful review :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@ ClassyandFaboulus Yes he does:)
@Asma Khan I`m glad you liked it and welcome
@Sara.H Thanks Sara these are just my opinions and what my nose tells me, I`m not an expert:)
@SaMia Thank you ladies and welcome.

Michelle said...

Goodness gracious, I love rose-scented anything. I'm all over that Stella perfume like a rash at the moment. Great post. (:

Mania said...

first let me say thanks hon for the follow and 2nd I love your blog, we have the same passion over perfume but you describe the scents really well, loved it:) you know that I am originally Iranian and when I saw your post on rose water it just took me back to those days I attended the rosewater ceremony once and it is really beautiful:) I was writing my perfume collection post yesterday & of course I can not write as well as you but looking forward to your comments on that. xoxo

Pandora`s Box said...

Merci Mania joon. I`m so happy to hear of your love for perfumes.You are incredibly lucky to go to the Iranian rose festival. It`s on my things to do list before I die :)I would love to read your wonderful perfume collection post hon. Have a lovely day.

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Michelle lol also test the new stella sheer 2011 edition. Have heard good things about that one. (Repeats to herself I will not buy I will not buy I have willpower)

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