Saturday, 3 September 2011

Fall Scents

Hello everyone hope you're doing well. After a long spell of monsoon and humid hot weather it's finally September which means Autumn will be here soon. Fall is a beautiful season, for those who are fortunate to witness it in their area.  The colors of the leaves are magnificent. It's my favorite season and I love everything about it. The jewel colored leaves , the long lazy afternoons, The scent of apples and burning leaves in the cool rustic air, listening to the crisp scrunching of those Autumn leaves as you stroll along the path.
   The colors of the leaves are magnificent. I especially love when I can sit by the lake surrounded by maples, oaks and willow trees.Nothing like taking a long stroll with your loved one and then coming back to share a bowl of hearty soup.

 Above everything else I LOVE fall because  know I would be able to wear those rich gourmand perfumes whose beauty & scent can only be appreciated in the colder months.
Here are my recommendations for you and your special man for fall/winters. I made sure that the perfumes I chose for you all are popular, widely available and pleasant to most noses.
All Images courtesy of google.
Love love the scent of this perfume.To me this translates to cozy,warm,comforting. Not sexy at all. Its like a comforting hug from ur mother that melts all your worries away. Detailed review coming up soon.

Frangipani, Almond like aroma and the scent of creamy rice steam mixed in with vanilla. Sweet comfort food in a bottle.

Frosted pears and almonds makes it a perfect fall weather scent. It's like being wrapped up in warmth in your favorite luxurious scarf. The bottle with it's traditional Burberry plaid just screams fall.

And now for Men...
It's the only perfume released by JC for men.Warm, spicy and rich, with  heavy cedar, rum and leather notes. Its comforting for the colder months. 


 Absolutely delicious. Perfect melange of gourmand and woody notes, this one has hints of roasted hazelnuts, chocolate, mint and Cedar.


Fall is associated with Apples and this perfume captures the scent of apples mingled with saffron, coffee, rum and spices. Delicious.

I hope you liked my picks. I can't wait for the winds to change :)




Shang J. said...

Great picks. You know, Fall is my FAVE season too. :D
Just a suggestion, you should include prices of everything too. It helps people decide what to shop. They'll just have to read your review and will know if can they get it or not. :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@ Shang. J.You are right. I shall edit the post with the latest prices later.Thanks for stopping by :)

Nivedita said...

Nice post. It would come handy for novices on a quick shopping spree


hmm,,interesting post, thanks for the info :) like it..

Sara.H said...

Their packaging is killing! Great post! <3

Pandora`s Box said...

Thsnks Nivedta, creative mind and Sara

Pyari Beauty said...

I love Autumn too :)

I have been wanting to try DNKY perfume for ages because I love the shape of the bottle, lol.

Mouthwash said...

That dirty english sounds amazing. I love men's cologne.
Such a fun and wonderful post - I too associate good things with scent. Especially seasons.


Pandora`s Box said...

@ Pyari beauty do test before you buy there sooo many flankers of DKNY delicious series. It gets so confusing.
@Mouthwash I have stolen squirts of it myself:) It's really delicious

songbird said...

by the time i am 25 i wish to have a whole shelf full of awesome perfume..i love fall.

Mania said...

Thanks dear, I wanted to ask you if you have any recommendation for fall few days ago and now you posted it :)can write about layering perfumes is there any rule for that or it's discovery by accident ..thanks hun again for your lovely post xoxo
OH & for that 3min miracle conditioner we don't have it here in CA, for some reason :(

sahar awan said...

lovely packaging

Pandora`s Box said...

@Mania I love layering too. There are no hard and fast rules just common sense like not mixing warm orientals with sporty Aquatics or citrus scents. Likewise, any vanilla based perfume warms up most fruity florals beautifully.

@Sahar Awan I agree :)

@Songbird Amen to that sister :) Love your motivation :)

ZatZ said...

i cant believe i hvnt tried any of this!! all of them look nice! maybe its time to get a new perfume :P

and they dont ship to Sri Lanka :(

Pandora`s Box said...

@ZatZ aww! Thats too bad. I have a perfect perfume for you. It's called oh lola! by Marc Jacobs it's a lovely fruity floral which i think you will love and above all is pink :) google it

Ginger said...

oh wow, nice post. never seen anybdy so excited for fall. :)

shuchita said...

nice post I like the kenzo bottles

Su said...

Great post! That pic is so romantic!!!
I also totally <3 DK Cashmere Mist! It is so calming :)
I'm sure you'll enjoy Autumn and bet you'll be smelling great :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@Ginger hehe! I do get carried away *blush* :)
@Suchita I know,works of art. Thanks for stopping by.

Dolly Daydream said...

Great post! Wow, I love the Ipad cover!

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I love it .Thanks for your lovely comment.

Follow each other .

Erica J said...

i like the post- creative- great idea and thanx for the recommendations!

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