Tuesday, 6 September 2011

MY Top Ten

Hello ladies. A while back I was awarded with the top ten award by the lovely Su of My Perfume Diaries. Thank you Su for passing this down to me. Do check out her great perfume reviews.
 I must say I get bored very quickly and hardly hit pan or finish up the entire product. A lot of us are guilty of the same crime I guess :) I have tried adding things that I have not only finished but repurchased repeatedly.
                                                        Rules: Mention the person who tagged you

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I would like to pass on this ward to the following lovely bloggers. I would love to read your top ten products.

Ok here we go.Now for my top ten. I'm going to start off with a perfume. Are you surprised? :)

1. Aqua Allegoria Tiare Mimosa: This has to be my Favorite fragrance of all times. I'm a sucker for honey scents and Guerlain has captured the golden beauty of it beautifully in aqua allegoria tiare mimosa. I can happily wear this everyday for the rest of my life :) It's my third bottle and I have some backup bottles as well as I've heard it's discontinued :(

2. Kindle: OK this is not technically beauty related but I cannot write down my top ten list without adding my fav gadget.I'm a huge bookworm and there is no stopping me once I start. It got so bad at one point that I started storing my books in cardboard boxes cuz I ran out of space. This super light gadget can hold up to 3500 books and has e-ink technology. That means unlike an I-Pad it doesn't have a back lit screen so its easy on the eyes and you can read for hours and hours even in the sun just like a normal book.The best part is, you can order any book you want from Amazon in under a minute. So no hassle of going to the book shop or waiting for the  deliveries to arrive.
3. Lush Strawberry Fields Forever Massage Bar: I love using this as an all over body moisturizer. I keep it in the fridge in hot weather. It's like a solid body lotion which melts at body temperature. Smells like strawberries and cream. I will definitely repurchase.
4. Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette: I have hit pan with this palette and this one is a repurchase. I love the dramatic colors and have the choice to create both dramatic and subtle smokey eye. Love.
5. Bath And Bodyworks Sea Island Cotton Cooling Mist:This is my favorite mist for hot summer months. When you spray it on, it feels like ice on your skin and really cools you down. It has Aloe Vera in it and the sea island cotton scent is a clean scent, inspired by pure white cotton flowing in fresh ocean air.
6 & 7. Dior Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Foundation and MAC Freckletone lipstick: I have been using this foundation for years now and have no complaint. It has amazing staying power, is easy to blend and really does last forever. Frekletone is a new discovery and is by far one of my fav Mac lipsticks followed closely by impassioned. It's a perfect nude and I have been wearing it almost everyday. It looks great with MAC Peaches blush.
8. Helena Rubinstein Lashqueen Mascara: I seriously cannot live without this mascara. It hasn't dried up in 6 months now and gives beautiful thick lashes without any clumps or spider eye effect.
google image sorry I forgot to take a pic of my messy looking bottle
9. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor: This product is a lifesaver. I cannot praise it enough. No wonder it has been raved about and has been the top hair conditioner for so long. Using it once a week is enough for me, and it really does make a significant difference to the condition of your hair instead of just coating it like most conditioners do.
10. Body Luxuries Signature Collection: OMG! I am sooo excited to share this with all you guys. Especially my readers from Pakistan. Girls this is the best dupe for bath and bodyworks fragrances. I know how hard and expensive it is to find their products here. Trust me, these smell EXACTLY 100% the same. I tested warm vanilla sugar the original, and this one on both arms and there is no difference. Not even a bit! Lasts a long time too.They even have the same packaging  and names (hello! copyright laws) I got mine from Shaheen chemist in F7 for Rs.190. I'm sure they are available at all good chemists and beauty supply stores.
I hope you liked my lil list, let me know if there is a product you just can't get enough of :) Have a great day.


Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Thank you so much for tagging . p.s I got the orange mandarin mist by body luxuries . I want the coconut one it wasn't there when I went to alfatah :(

ZatZ said...

Thanks alot for your award :-D i love awards :-D and i love your top products!!! i want that lush soap :(:(

Su said...

Great top 10! That is a whole bunch of products I haven't tried! I need to go and smell Tiare Mimosa, it sounds amazing :)

nayabloves said...

I have the same Bath and Body Works cooling mist spray-LOVE IT! I'll definetly go and check out the body mists( soo affordable ) from Shaheen. Thanks for letting us know :D

And thank you for tagging me as well :)

nayabloves said...

Oh and could you also tell a bit more about your kindle, I was looking into buying one and I don't really know which one to buy cuz there are soo many brands out there now! Lol

Plus how does the downloading from Amazon work? Is it mandatory to have a credit card?

Sara.H said...

Ooo.. I am loving your top ten. The palette has got some very gorgeous shades <3 The lippie shade is beautiful :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@Sarah Ali Awww! I'm sure they will restock soon.
@ZatZ Why the sad face hon? It's a massage bar I'm sure you have lush in Siri Lanka. Give it a try.
@Su It really is beautiful. I hope it being discontinued is only a rumor.
@nayabloves you're welcome hon. Do check 'em out.

Pandora`s Box said...

@Sara.H Yes I'm sure you can create magic with this palette :)

sahar awan said...

thanx for tagginng me...it was great fun reading about your fav

Pandora`s Box said...

@nayabloves sure I will give you all the info. Just mail me at pandorasssbox@yahoo.com as I cant find your email on your blog.
@sahar awan Thanks for stopping by.

Rakhshanda said...

Great stuff!!! Congrats :D

Pooja_G said...

Hey PB !! Thank you for passing this award to me :) n I am drooling on ur top 10 products!!

Asma Khan said...

Congrats to winner... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

Mania said...

great stuff, congrats on the award hun:)

Glamarama said...

aaaaw thank you so much for tagging me!!!!!!:) i loved reading your top ten. My favourite from your top 10 list is the kindle. I was just asking my sister if we should get it because we're book addicts as well.

PS. Oh i'm drooling over your foundation:) :p

Pyari Beauty said...

Some great items in your top ten. I love the kindle case :)

Shang J. said...

Congratulations on the award. You deserve it, you put so much effort into your posts. Your top 10 picks are AWESOME. I love the Kindle. Once I was a book worm, but I lost interest when I couldn't find a good place to shop where I live. Now I am a movie buff. Yay for the internet. :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having the award.
enjoyed reading this post.. glad to know your picks- i like them all.

Iheartmexo said...

thankyou so much for the award! loveing the top tens :D x

Mishi said...

I loved that Lush strawberry massage bar..and that kindle too..em an e-book freak too..and I loved it so much..these are two things that em gonna try really soon..:-)

Meredith Jessica said...

Great list, a lot of stuff I've never tried but will certainly add to my wish list!

Pandora`s Box said...

@Rakhshanda Thanks hon
@Pooje G My pleasure :)
@Asma Khan Thank you so much :)
@Mania Glad you like 'em thak u :)
@Glamarama I'm in lurve with the kindle. A bookworm's dream come true.
@Pyaribeauty Thanks I got it from amazon gelaskins. Reminds me of Chinese porcelain :)
@Shang. J I have my fingers crossed for you. Maybe you will reconvert :) Movies are nice but they are someone else's idea and imagination. Books are just magical.
@Diane Thank you hon for liking everything.
@Iheartmexo Ur welcome. U deserve it.
@Mishi Mishi U must try the kindle and believe me its so much better than an ipad.
@Meridith Jessica Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Suzie Makes You Up said...

awesome blog !!

please come and check out my HUGEE beauty giveaway that im having.. theres only a few more days to enter so make sure you get in..


Ruqaiya Khan said...

love ur blog!! <3
I really like ur smokey eye palette :)

Venus In Virgo said...

Congrats on the award and really great picks!

Venus In Virgo said...

Hey, let me know how that dinner goes. Have fun! XOXO

benish said...

thank you so much for the tag:)your kindle is amazing:)

Maila said...

Nice list, I love the aussie conditioner too, even reviewed it on hubpages sometime ago :)

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