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Crazy for Coconuts:Bath and Body Works Signature Coconuts

I have a weakness for coconut scents and am forever on the hunt for finding the right one. I find coconut scents just puts a smile on my face and makes me happy. It can transport you to tropical beaches and sunny days. So I was excited when Bath & Body Works launched their new signature coconuts line this summer.
They come in three scents: Coconut Pineapple, Coconut Passionfruit and Coconut Mango. These are not launched as perfumes and come in  body mists, lotions and shower gels.
Bath & Body Works: Lavishly spritz our refreshing Signature Collection Coconuts Fragrance Mist all over your body to leave skin lightly scented with a luscious burst of creamy coconut and juicy pineapple.
  • Top Notes: Watery Pineapple, Fresh Papaya, Sparkling Passionfruit
  • Middle Notes: Fluid Hedione, Yellow Honeysuckle, Watery Cantaloupe
  • Base Notes: Vanilla Madagascar, Coconut Cream, Driftwood


Mist all over your body to leave skin lightly scented with a luscious burst of creamy coconut and tropical passionfruit.
  • Top Notes: Juicy Passionfruit, Fresh Papaya, Sparkling Tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Tropical Tiare Blossom, Pink Lotus, White Peach
  • Base Notes: Coconut Cream, Vanilla Madagascar, White Musk

    And here is my pick, the luscious coconut mango.....


    • Top Notes: Juicy Thai Mango, Fuji Apple, White Nectarine
    • Middle Notes: Passionflower, Vanilla Orchid, Casaba Melon
    • Base Notes: Coconut Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Indonesian Sandalwood
     Out of all the scents in the Signature Coconut Collection, I think this one has the perfect amount of coconut in it, which is to say, it was the one I could actually detect coconut in. It's not overly sweet and above all I found it different from the usual coconut scents churned out by bath & bodyworks. They always have this artificial plasticky vanilla  note overpowering the delicate creaminess of coconut. But thankfully this one is not overly sweet or cheap smelling. The first burst of spray is very fruity. Pure tropical mango which lingers on the skin for a few minutes. The vanilla makes a quick appearance and then thankfully disappears leaving you with creamy coconut and fruity mango. The mango in it is not the sweet South Eastern variety but the tropical kind I really love this scent.It's a happy tropical scent which wont leave you smelling like a fruit salad. Sadly it is a limited edition so if you love it like me, stock up.
    These are available online and in B&BW stores for $12.50
    I got mine from Shams Islamabad for Rs.1300.

      Speaking of mangoes, If you love how it smells and are looking for a perfume with a prominent mango note check out Taj Sunset by Escada.

    I was searching for a perfume with a sweet true to life Indian mango note. And have found it in this beauty. The mangoes you get from Hawaii and tropical countries smell and taste totally different from subcontinent mangoes. The perfumers at Escada have done a brilliant job in capturing the scent of Alphonso mangoes (most expensive in the world) from India. The website says this is the first time that this note has been used in a fragrance. The drydown on my skin is heaven. Coconut, delicate florals and sandalwood. Cant wait for the summers, so I can wear this again.
    Tropical aromas have a positive effect on our moods. So spritz some on and escape to the tropics. Imagine being right by the ocean, the gentle lapping waves....and relax.

    Image courtsey: Google


    Corina Muru said...

    "Coconut, delicate florals and sandalwood."

    I think you meant mango.:D
    Or does it have coconut notes too? Because that would make it my deam perfume!

    Su said...

    Oh, I love coconut scents! And mango too, yum :)
    Lovely collection of coconut scents you have there. I am liking the sound of Coconut Mango. I have only smelt the Escada once and yes, heavenly mangoes! Love <3

    Sara.H said...

    I love coconut scent too! this one sounds yummy. :) <3

    Aiman said...

    Yar you have made me go buy some coconut based product from BODY SHOP, to have some dessert or cake with coconut and cream....and that's not all.
    I want to be transported to the first pic of the tropical beach, smelling of coconut and drinking coconut water and eating mango skewers.

    Cookie said...

    so nice pictures!
    If you like CK parfumes dont forget to join my giveaway here:

    Pandora`s Box said...

    @ Corina Muru The Escada fragrance website describes it as having a velvety coconut cream note. Sadly it's very subtle on me.Doesn't show up on my skin as much as I would like.All I get from this perfume is mangoes and some citrus. Give it a test, maybe the coconut will show up better on you:)

    @Su Thank you.And do try it if it's easily available. It's lovely for the hot summer months.

    @Sara. H It really is yummy.It has the cleanest coconut out of all the coconut scents by B&BW.

    @Aiman lol Take me with you. But all I can do is munch up a bounty bar to get my coconut fix :)

    @Cookie Thank you so much. Will surely check it out.

    Viya ;) said...

    Sounds soooo vacation-like!!!
    I jus had tender coconut water now.. :D and the passion fruit mixed wid coconut sounds very tempting to me!! :) :)

    sahar awan said...

    ohh my what a great pick...coconut sounds so yummy and tempting...<3

    Anonymous said...

    i love coconut sent, i must try these, thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous said...

    I love those! I especially like the pineapple coconut one, I steal that one from my mom all the time lol.

    The Beautifier said...

    Coconuts are so yumm!! Coconut pinapple sounds interesting! xoxo

    Fakhra's said...

    Coconuts........... oh God, no compromise on it... love new idea.... :)

    Miranda said...

    Anything with coconut is a must for me! that and vanilla! My 2 favorite scents! =)

    Pandora`s Box said...

    @Viya yum! You are lucky to have coconut water so readily available. Delicious and healthy.

    @sahar awam Love their scent

    @CottoncandyInk you are welcome :)

    @Arriana oh yes! the pineapple coconut really is yum.

    @Beautifier It's like pina colada :)

    @Fakhra glad you liked it.

    @Miranda Ditto :)

    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE BBW's signature coconut!!
    thanks for sharing this hun! i'll definitely search for these

    Alex said...

    I'm crazy about coconut too!!! I want to try one of those spritzers.
    On a related note - I love coconut tea too. :)

    ZatZ said...

    Mango? Must be good :)
    btw im back thanks alot for your prayers! Allah bless you!

    Mishi said...

    they all look so yummy!;p

    btw heyloo there:-) Long time no see.hope you are doing fine:-)

    Pandora`s Box said...

    @Diane Do let us know which one you like best.

    @Alex coconut tea? Hmm sounds interesting.Never heard of it before.

    @ZatZ and thank you for sharing your lil angel with us all.

    @Mishi You were MIA for quite sometime.
    Good to see you back. Hopping over to check your latest post.

    Eesh said...

    Omg i LOVE Escada! Pretty sure i love every single one of them they smell sooo good! I need to check this one out when I go duty free at the end of the year!!

    Makeup & Art Freak said...

    Hi! Just wanted to say I awarded you with the Classic Beauty Blog Award:

    Love your blog! :)


    Shang J. said...

    Never tried coconut scent. But the way you put it, I really want to now. =D

    Fragancia said...

    It sounds so tempting! Thanks for sharing this :) <3

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