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L'Occitane Miel Citron Pailletee Shimmering EDT review

It would be an understatement to say that I love honey scents. Now that I think about it, most of my shower gels lip balms and and shampoos contain either pure honey or honey mixed in with some other scent like milk or vanilla etc. I find the scent very soothing and nostalgic. Full of childhood memories when honey was given with warm milk at night accompanied by a bed time story, as a treat straight out of the jar oozing strands of golden goodness, or mixed into a hot drink with lemon to ward off  winter colds.So it's no surprise that I'm forever searching for perfumes with a strong honey note, but unfortunately it is also a very tricky note and with the wrong composition can get sickeningly sweet and synthetic with disastrous results.
 I know from experience that L'Occitane en Provence makes some of the best honey scented products. Their Miel creme was the best smelling honey nectar scent EVER!! You can imagine how crushed I was when I read that the whole ''honey'' line had been discontinued. PETA was down their throats because L'Occitane claim to be an "all natural" product store and were wondering why they weren't concerned about the declining Bee population!!! Fine fine! Long live Provençal honey bees :) But that also meant that I had very little chance to find this lovely honey scent called Eau de Miel.I mean, how can you not like a perfume that comes in an ice cream container?! It was alcohol free and I had previously used the cream version of it and was so looking forward to owning it's perfume.

The next best thing was their famous Miel and Citron (honey and lemon)
This was a citrus gourmand with notes of cinnamon, vanilla and patchouli. This too was discontinued. Oh PETA how I loathe thee.
Luckily I came across another discontinued beauty from them called Miel and Citron Pailletee shimmering on ebay and managed to get my mitts on this one.

I cannot capture the beauty of this bottle in pictures. This is happiness in a bottle. It has such an airy, sunny outdoorsy quality to it. Reminds me of sunny days and honey hives. Bees buzzing through blossoms gathering their sweet nectar. Miel Citron Pailletee has notes of Lemon, cut grass, Freesia,honey, orange blossom, Apricot and Vanilla.

 I know honey and lemon makes one think of cold remedy teas but this is gorgeous.The lemon is very fresh in the opening and cuts through the honey beautifully.Honey and apricot notes takes over right away.The honey is very clean, light and natural. More of the white honey variety than the rich golden one.White chewy honey fresh from the hive with wax still sticking to it. Freesia doesn't make an appearance on my skin at all. Just lemon and honey and maybe a wee bit of vanilla mixed in with some natural green notes. It's not a complicated fragrance with mish mash of too many notes trying to take up the stage. It lasts a long time for an EDT and the drydown is honey ambrosia with a slight waxy feel to it. Simply gorgeous.
 It comes in a beautiful honeycomb textured bottle with very fine shimmering mica pieces. Not at all glittery and doesn't leave your skin with that disco ball effect. I wish there was such a thing as scratch and sniff computer screens so I could share this with you. Can't stop smelling myself :)

Have you tried perfumes from L'Occitane en Provence? Do you think they should relaunch their honey line?

L'Occitane en Provence
Image source: Bloggers own and google images.


Sara.H said...

I love honey scents too. OMG! Their packaging is sooo good. I would buy them just for the sake of their amazing packaging :D Great post! <3

Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

I do love honey scents! I love how it comes in an ice cream looking box! That is too cute!

Miss Starshiny said...

I've never tried these perfumes but they have a nice bottle!
Miss Starshiny

Ruqaiya Khan said...

I love the packaging!! Looks really delicious!!

Makeup Glitz said...

I haven't tried any honey perfume but after reading your post it appeals me alot and i am thinking to buy one . So thanks for Sharing <3

Anonymous said...

great review, sounds like this smells delightful. and i do love the packaging

Pandora`s Box said...

@saraH:Yes the bottle is super gorgeous :)

@confessions of a beautyholic:isn't it?Sadly it has been discontinued:(

@Miss starshiny:Totally :)

@Ruqaiya Khan: It really is yummy. I wish i could give u a sniff.

@Makeup Glitz: Thank u for stopping by :)

@CottonCandyInk: It's a very wearable honey scent and the packaging sure is a bonus.

Francesca R said...

Yes i did and I love them!

Rakhshan said...

i love the bottle, it's like u're holding an actual beehive:) would love to smell it!
i gave u an award btw did you check?!!

Shang J. said...

Oh wow. Just look at the bottle. It's the most riveting thing I have seen in a perfume.

Cheeky Chic said...

Hey girl!! where have been for so long. :O I religiously checked u out everyday.Glad to see this A-W-E-S-O-M-E Post.Great description!!I literally sniffed n smacked once or twice:P Love Foody Fragrance.Honey,lemon,vanilla ..AH mazing
Thanks for sharing

Pandora`s Box said...

@Fransesca R: That's great!

@Rakhshan: Thank you so much!!!I'm truly honored.

@Shang J:haha! It's like the lava lamp of perfumes")

@Cheeky Chic: Thank you for dropping by often. I was MIA for a while.Thank u for liking my post. means a lot coming from regular readers like yourself.

keep in touch with fashion said...

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Mania said...

I love honey scent too but sometimes they could be too sugary , love the packaging here , I was wondering where have you been ! how was your trip to Tehran ? I wish I could be close enough to go often ! I wanted to send you some maple syrup stuff since you told me you like them, let me know if you have PObox or your address would be fine too hun , welcome back & have lovely week hun x

Nandia said...

hello!!!!!!!!!thank you so much for your sweet comment!it is really nice to hear from you!loccitane is one of my favourite stores!at first all of their products smell so nice!and also i love the decoration!every time that im going to loccitane it is full of colors feels like i am travelling in another country or season.
lots of kisses darling!

Flaviana Boni said...

love it!

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★☆AdamAlexMommy☆★ said...

i love the natural scent of honey also. i actually never tried this brand before, although i see it everywhere... so i really want to try it now. yes, the bottle is stunning... i am sure more so in real life. :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@keep in touch with Fashion: Thanks

@Mania:Thank you so much Mania joon.Ha'al e shomah chetoreh" :) It was beautiful in Tehran, went to Dizin Ski resort too and had the most delicious Dizi there. Thank you so much for remembering my love for Maple candy but unfortunately several edibles I have attempted to order from abroad did not reach and were confiscated by the customs here :( so I wouldn't want you to go through all that trouble.Thank you again for the gesture you are very kind.

@Nandia:What a wonderful way to describe their store's ambiance. And yes All their products do smell wonderful.

@Faviana Boni: Thank you :)

@AdamAlexMommy: Hi. I think you should go for the mini giftbox sample sizes that they come out with on Christmas. It's the best way to sample a lot of their products at one go.

Rakhshanda said...

Wow this looks great!! I love honey scent <3

Pop Champagne said...

L'Occitane always has amazing packaging, I'm tempted to just buy their stuff for the packaging to decorate my bathroom with haha!

Pyari Beauty said...

I too love honey scents. I love the packaging of the bottle it's too cute. x

just tututiny said...

Nice blog, I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Love the photos! Merry Christmas.

Vist my blog when you get a chance ;)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I wanna try honey perfume.

ReeBz said...

wot a lovely packaging :)

Su said...

Oh, I just love that shimmer! And the bottle, lovely! I'm huge fan of honey too and just can't get enough. I think I found Honey and Vanilla one from L'Occitane today (on sale!). I'll be sniffing it tomorrow for sure :)

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