Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lush Lips

Hi everyone. I'm here in the beautiful valley of Bhurban surrounded by snow! I think winter is a magical time to visit this place.
 I brought three of my favorite lush lip products with me, and thought I'll review these for all you lush heads out there.

I know you're probably tired of  me raving about this brand in every lush post, but I loove lush. I really do. Have loved it since I was introduced to it a million years ago when my mom's friend brought some of their hand made soaps for me. It was love at first sniff. They weren't even that well known back then and were only located in the UK . I have been a loyal customer for years and years now, and for a very good reason. Their products really deliver what they say.
LUSH: When were were inventing our lip balms, we wanted to make sure they all tasted fabulous (they are meant for lips after all), so Simon Constantine and Helen Ambrosen volunteered to taste them all just to be sure (but not on each other).
 There are more to LUSH Lip Balms than flavor; some are for shine, some are for softness and some will restore sore lips to their natural state of beauty. Choose one or choose a few. Most handbags have space for a selection.

Although easy to carry around, I'm really not a fan of tin packaging where you have to dip your finger in each time to grab product. Don't get deceived by it's size, this little tin really does go a long way.
This has got to be my favorite. I cannot recommend this enough, especially for anyone living in a cold dry climate. It is their most sold lip product and gosh it is addictive! I cannot stop reapplying it every opportunity I get. Very smooth and not at all waxy. It has oat milk, almond oil, beesewax, olive oil, honey, peppermint and white chocolate. Smells absoulutely yummy. White chocolate with a drzzling of honey and peppermint candycane. The scent is quite similar to their MANGE TOO massage bar.
Goes on clear.

This is a must for anyone who'se a fan of milk chocolate oranges. I'm emphisizing on the scents of these lip product because the scents are very strong in all of 'em. So if you dislike scented lip products, or are annoyed with any of the notes mentioned, then please steer clear of these as most of them are heavily scented and you will end up smelling it the whole time you have it on your lips. This is supposed to be great for people allergic to lanolin or coca butter as it contains none. Consists of wheatgerm and almond oils mixed in with chocolate vanilla absolute and orange oil. The only downside is that the texture is not as smooth as that of honey trap, and is a bit gritty because of all the natural ingredients accumulating together. It's exactly like putting on terry's chocolate orange on your lips.
Goes on clear.
This is not a lip balm, but a lip tint (kind of like a matte sheer lipstick) Again, a very gritty texture which melts away when applied. This lip tint contains fresh red apple infusion among other natural ingredients, and is said to be inspired by snow white :) This has a very strong delicious scent of white chocolate and cinnamon mixed in with apples. Having it on my lips almost makes me feel guilty of indulging in some rich sinful dessert :)  Leaves a natural looking pinkish red stain on the lips which can be built up. Can also be used as a subtle blush on the apples of your cheeks. As it's not a balm, the moisturizing factor is low, but wearing it over a lip balm solves that problem.
One swipe

three swipes

Gawwd! I'm sooo bad at swatching, why do I even bother. Below is a google swatch, so you can have a better idea.

Let's put on our woolies, and step outside for a stroll in beautiful Bhurban ....

As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
William Shakespeare

Thank you God, for making the world so pretty to look at.

Have a beautiful day readers

Image courtesy: blogger's own, google and pc bhurban fb page


Cheeky Chic said...

Cool Gal cool..So clad in white..Loving it


awwww,,,I love snow & Bhurban is an amazing place! Love all your cool clicks..
nice product as well

ZatZ said...

the honey trap looks alot like lip service.. is it hard 2?

Pandora`s Box said...

@Cheeky Chic: :)Thanks

@Creative mind:Thank you so much.

@Zathy: Honey trap is not hard at all. Very smooth. Whipstick is a little hard and gritty.

Zestful Uzma said...

"It started with a kiss" looks fab! I'm planning to get a lip scrub from lush, hope to get it soon!

Candice said...

Thankyou so much for this review! I love lip products and I think I'm falling in love with Lush! Honey Trap is calling my name...

ReeBz said...

woww enjoy your trip! the lip balm seems so yummy!

Raaga said...

Wow <3 It started with a kiss is so gorgeous :D and ur pics...u make me sigh..so beautiful :) I am a gr8 fan of d fotos tat u take ;)

Pandora`s Box said...

@Zestful Uzma: Oh their lip scrubs are really good. I'm sure you'll love it.

@Candice: Honey Trap is the best! Sniff before you buy though. The scent is quite strong. I like it :)

@ReeBz: They really are very nice. Thanks I will.

@Raaga: Thank you so much. Not all pics are mine though. It's always nice when you stop by :)

AndréiaFSalim said...

Thank you for your comment and have a nice day! :)
I loved your post, the images of snow, are beautiful and color of lipstick red tin, wonderful!;))))

Anonymous said...

these are on my to buy list

Hunter87 said...

I need to get them too!
Great pictures.

Rakhshanda said...

The last one look nice :D Thanks for sharing honey!!!!

fashionwise said...

I love them!

have you seen my latest post ?

Rabi Makeup Glitz said...

Color of Kiss Lip Tint is awesome and the pictures from Bhurban make your post more amazing . Thanks for sharing sweaty <3

Do check my blog

Fakhra's said...

lovly lippies <3

Vale ♥ said...

That fireplace is where I'd love to stand by =) and those pics are lovely, what a beautiful landscape !
The lip tint is amazing, wish I had a Lush shop nearby ! Kisses

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tiny dancer said...

Wow! Such cute color on the Lush lip balms :) I must go and check them out for myself :) thanks for sharing!

thanks for visiting my blog <3

Jayme and Mendi said...

We love LUSH so keep posting about it! Just tried the lip balm and they are so nice!! Also beautiful pictures of the snow. Thanks for sharing! We wish we would see snow!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Namita said...

I love lush balms :)
and again,,amazing pictures :) :) its like a dream..its not snow,,its a dream!!!!

Sugar Mama Bakeshop said...

Wow! Your wintery pictures are just lovely! Thanks for commenting on my cake truffle guest post yesterday :) I hope you get to try the recipe soon. I would love to know what you think!
<3 Ashley

Patti said...

Hi...I also have a blog by the same name! Small world!

SadeeStyle said...

ohhh woww i never know burban is very beautiful place
anyway nice review looks the lush balms

Jennifer said...

I love Lush.. but I am yet to try these!! :) They look lovely!! :) You pictures are super pretty!! :)


Maya said...

I really should try Lush balms, they look good. Thanks for this post

Halima said...

I'm not a big fan of lush but I do love their lips scrubs and the Flyix Fox shower gel. Would definitely want to try out their lip balms now :) xo

Glamarama said...

I want some Lush goodies! These look SO good!

Sara.H said...

I wanna go to Bhurban too :( anyway, the lip balms look so good to me. Have a great weekend! xx

Divya said...

I want to try Honey trap, on my next LUSH visit now :) hope its available in India...

and beautiful snow pics.. liked each one of them :)

yiqin; said...

i wish we have snow here <3

*Glam Chameleon* said...

I would try all of them, just for the taste!:) Thank u for this review!!!


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

OMG...I love the photos it makes me miss Xmas already! Gorgeous.

<3 Marina

Monika said...

Great post, I love lush.

262Trinity said...

I'm also a HUGE fan of lush! Ive been debating trying these for a while now. After reading your post, ill be grabbing a couple! :)


Maila said...

The lip tint looks really soft and pretty.
So it didn't know where in the world bhurban was (I don't live in pak), therefore I googled, and its like such an enchanting place.
You pictures were so lovely and brought the winter magic to life.
Do take more pictures of places you visit, I love to see different places.

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