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Lush Christmas Favorites

I don't know what it is about Lush products that turns us all into kids again. Maybe the colorful confections stored in mounds at the store reminds us of candy stores we used to frequent as kids.
Like a kid, I get really excited each year when they launch new and old Christmas products. The normal range at lush is good too but there is something extra special about their Christmas edition products. Love the sweet,spicy, boozy scented stuff that comes out only once a year and makes the wintertime a little more special.
Sorry about the scrunched up bag :)
This is how it used to look like before it got mushed up in luggage. Love the candycane.
My first review is for their scrumptious cleanser that comes out every Christmas called Buche de Noel. I love that name.
Buche de Noel is french for yule log.One of many traditional cakes baked at Christmas and this cleanser was inspired by that yule log shaped cake.
Lush Buche de Noel cleanser in all it's glory

It comes in a 100g tub chock full of goodness

Cranberries,almonds and satsumas. Tastes good too :) :)

LUSH:Feed your face this Christmas with this lovely gentle winter face cleanser.Buche De Noel is made by taking fresh satsumas and blending them with dried cranberries, vegetable glycerine, brandy, almond essential oil, vetiver oil and cedarwood oil. When that’s all whizzed up, we mix it with grated cocoa butter, ground almonds and kaolin until it becomes a thick paste. We then shape and roll it and finally cover it in a sheet of nori seaweed and pop on a little Christmas decoration.
I looove this cleanser and cannot rave about this enough. It has made such a difference to my skin. I have combination/oily skin prone to frequent breakouts, and I thought this cleanser will be too greasy for me. I'm glad I was wrong. Turns out, this is just what my skin needed, as using too many products for oily skin stripped my skin of all it's natural oils making it itchy and hence producing more oil and breakouts.I'm so happy I broke that cycle with this cleanser. I love how it smells too, like a boozy almondy fruit cake. I don't mind it being a limited edition winter product cuz I think it will be too heavy to use in the hot humid summers we have here. Using Buche de Noel in winters and Angels on bare skin in summers would be perfect, as both are quite similar in texture, buche being a bit less exfoliating. Using it can be a bit messy but you get used to it soon enough.
It says to take a pea sized amount, mix it with water, and massage all over face for perfectly soft winter skin.  And I find that is exactly the amount you need. Take more and you will be wasting product.

I call it the snowfairy's magic wand
There is nothing like pampering yourself by making bath time fun, luxurious, and sweetly scented with Lush bath products!
I haven't used this as yet but it smells exactly like the snow fairy shower gel. Smells very sweet and girly. You are supposed to wave your wand under running water several times, like casting a spell :) while the cute little bell on it jingles, and watch it make heaps of bubbles in your tub. It's good for several uses, so stand whats left of your wand up to dry.


How cute is this Massage bar with that glittery Santa's mustache! Sadly it didn't come out this year, fingers crossed for next Christmas.
This is the most Christmassy massage bar I have ever smelt. It's supposed to have brandy,hazelnut and almond oils.The scent of it is very unique, not overly sweet but a lovely mixture of brandy/hazlenut oil and maybe nutmeg.What makes it even more festive is the gold glitter on the cute 'tache. The rest of the bar is glitterless.I like to rub the bar on my skin and massage it in like a lotion, then turn it over and lightly stroke the glittery mustache onto any areas where I want a bit of sparkle.Even though I don't drink, I find this massage bar a welcome boozy treat on cold winter nights.Plz bring it back next year!

Is this not one of the most beautiful soaps ever?! Snowglobe is the perfect name for it. It does remind you of shaking a snowglobe and watching all that glitter and fake snow falling inside the glass globe.
LUSH: Imagine yourself inside a snow globe – snow fluttering all around and a feeling of being refreshed, revitalized and uplifted. Well, this soap will make you feel all of the above, with a citrusy lemon myrtle, grapefruit and lemongrass blend that will bluster your senses and wake you up on cold winter mornings. The whole soap is in the shape of a snow globe, with white circles to imitate the snowflakes. A beautiful alternative to all the traditional festive offerings.
I'm not a fan of citrus scents in the winters, but this soap has a kind of wintery freshness to it. It's a yummy blend if grapefruit and and lemongrass. Yum! It is my new favorite and I thought I would never like a Christmas edition soap as much as father frost.
Remember Father frost soap???

This is another soap that took me by surprise, It's very tropical and fruity, not at all winter appropriate. It reminds me of juicy luscious mangoes and warm summer days. Leaves skin soft and lightly scented.
Divide your soaps into pieces and store into a drawer. Lush soaps cut very easily, and this way you don't spoil and melt away the entire bar in one shower.

LUSH CANDYCANE SOAP:£3.45 for 100g
I had high hopes for this one but was somewhat disappointed. Only because I was expecting it to smell like a real candycane,but it is more of an almond fragrance with cherries and a hint of peppermint.
 Guess I should have listened when lush said "Lather up with this peppermint and almondy cherry fragrance-just don't eat it!"

These look like little mounds of meringue with chocolate chips

Aww! look at that adorable little snow man during mid-melt. This reminds me of the snowcake soap. It has that same yummy marzipan scent. Melting snowman is a fizzy bath melt packed full of cocoa and shea butter to soften the skin.

And last but not the least the lovely Pudding Knot-Wrap £2.50. 
It's a great way to wrap presents without wasting any paper.

Image courtsey: Blogger's own and google images.


Makeup Glitz said...

Wowww its amazing , Some of them looks like yummy sweats ;) .

Anonymous said...

i need to go to lush!

happy new year!

Chloe,x said...

I got that cleanser last year when they did 50% off christmas products and I loved it! So good for sensitive skin:)
Glad to see a fellow lush fan!

Hunter87 said...

LOVE Lush Great goodies!

ZatZ said...

Wow! :)

Miranda said...

I need to go to a lush store! Looks so fun!

ReeBz said...

woww! thats amazing. From where do you blog btw?

LinasBeautyDiary said...

Omg this stuff looks delicious haha i know you're not supposed to eat it but...YUMM ;) xx

Nivedita said...

Lovely photos. The photos are tempting enough to rush myself to the store. Haven't tried anything from Lush yet. May try soon

Namita said...

Lovely Blog :)
Christmas collection by Lush is indeed very special,,even I love the special new additions every year,, I tried the Angel's delight this year and its equally wonderful..

:) Have a great eve :)

Pandora`s Box said...

@makeup glitz: I totally agree with you :)

@Cottoncandyink: Hehe! :) Have a wonderful new year

@Chloe x: I'm addicted to this cleanser chloe.My skin hasn't behaved this well for a long time.

@Hunter87: Thanks :)

@ZatZ: You are so lucky to have it in Siri Lanka zathy.

@Miranda: I love holiday scents, so yeah this is the best time to splurge on lush :)

@Reebz: Islamabad. Thanks for dropping by.

@Linasbeautydiary:haha! Well I couldn't help myself from taking a teeny tiny nibble from the buche de noel cleanser :)nom nom It's actually sweet.

@Nivedita:I would advice you to start from something simple like their soaps, and then don't blame me when you get hooked ;)

@Namita: Thank you for your lovely comment. Angel's delight is truly scrumptious.Very fruity.

Anonymous said...

how can i get this in lahore? it is really nice

Shang J. said...

LUSH is AWE-SOME. Really. Wish it comes here and I can buy it too.

Sam said...

Such an amazing brand, thanks for introducing me to it. As much as I love this post, I am slightly depressed because we don't get Lush here :(

Rakhshan said...

LUSH stuff is so cute, esp santa's glittery moustache hehe and the snowglobe soap, wouldnt dream of using it lest it loses its gorgeous design!
Keep up the amazing posts hun, and a very Happy New Year to you:) xx


How fun to see this post :) So colorful with bunches of cool products :) hmmm

Anonymous said...

I always play with Lush products at the store! lol Every time go over there it makes me hungry, don't they look kinda yummy? lol ^.^

The doll on fashion said...

I haven't used anything from Lush for ages, I did buy some of the Christmas sets for friends though!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon!

The doll on fashion

Karishma said...

Ummm... they look delicious!!

P.S. My blog turns one today! You are invited to the virtual birthday bash. And bring lots of lush goodies as gift .. hehe :)

♥ tiffany said...

I love love love lush! Their massage bars are my fav-- they smell so good sometimes I'm tempted to take a bite. Looks like you had a blast at Lush!

Viya ;) said...

yum yum and yum!!! i jus could eat up all those bars instead of using it on my body.. lol! :P jus looooovvvveeed it!! :D

Su said...

Oh Lush! I should duck into the store and see what they have. I think they are on sale too :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

I got some holiday scents from LUSH this year too! I really liked the Gingerbread house bubble bar and the melty snowman. Although I did feel like i had to shower right after the bath with the snowman because it left such a heavy film. Was worth it though! Thanks for following us! We are following you now too!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Pyari Beauty said...

Some great Lush products :)

I've heard good things about the magic wand. Shame it's only an Xmas product :(

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