Wednesday, 4 January 2012

VS Pink With a Splash Body Mists

Pink with a Splash is a body mist collection from Victoria's secret's pink line.They have a huge collection of these great long lasting body mists, but having so many choices mean it can be a drag and kind of confusing sniffing through 'em all. I want to share my two absolute favorites from this line. Just buy these two and you're good for an entire year as one is a summer scent, and the other is great for winters.
 Pink with a splash body mists come in 8.4floz and 4.2oz and has aloe and chamomile to lightly moisturize your skin. You can get them for $12 to $15 dollars from Victoria's secret.
They all come with matching body lotions

The Scents I have chosen to review today are called, Warm and Cozy (for winters) and Fresh and Clean (for summers)  
Warm and Cozy
NOTES: Toasted Vanilla, Pink Peony and Raspberry
I love the name warm and cozy and it really is a warm comforting scent. The toasted vanilla lends a warm nuttiness to the scent making it a great winter staple. The peony is not overpowering, and the raspberry lends a subtle sweetness to it without making it overly fruity. It's a sweet, comforting vanilla  for when it's cold outside and you want to snuggle in by the fire with your favorite book and a hot drink.

Fresh and Clean
Notes: Apple and Lily.
This has a "just stepped out of the shower" scent. It's very fresh and has a crispness to it with a slight apple note. Great for those summer days when you just want to lounge around the house and can't be bothered with wearing a "proper'' perfume. I find the staying power to last quite long for a body splash. It's not too sweet or cloying making it perfect to wear in warmer months.
Another good one for summers from the line is, "Sweet and Tart" which smells like strawberry lemonade.
Sweet and Tart

Image source: Blogger's own and weheartit

Let me know if you have tried anything from VS pink line, and which one is your favorite.
I'm off to bed now,I have a bit of a cold coming on sniff sniff...


ZatZ said...

hvnt tried any :(

Tanika said...

Good Review! I must check it out!

Viya ;) said...

looks reaaallly goood :D :D .. i had never heard of this before :| .. Thanks shaz! :D :D will def check em out on an online store

Anonymous said...

i love these but don't have any at the moment, ;-)

catesewell said...

I've always wanted to have a try of VS stuff but unfortunately VS doesn't exist here in the UK. I think it's supposed to be opening a flagship in London at some point this year and I really hope they bring their beauty line as it just sounds so delish.

Harija said...

love the scents & Happy New Year 2012!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Su said...

Both these sound amazing! I'm sure I would like Fresh and Clean. Apple and lily is such a unique combo. I have never had the chance to try any VS (no VS in Australia) Will surely be checking out the website and maybe even eBay :)

Rakhshan said...

i love VS, big fan of all their scents!
sweet and tart is incredibly tempting, strawberry lemonade is too good for words!
i love the staying power of of VS body splashes, i have pretty and pure and it lingers on my clothes!:) x

Megha Sarin said...

WOW! Pink <3
This looks so good..I must try this..


nayabloves said...

Ive always wanted to try one out. Thanks for the review! Love the picture at the end haha

ReeBz said...

very informative review. I always love the pictures you use :)

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